About Lophelia reefs

Only two remaining sites in Sweden

In the Kosterfjord-Väderöfjord area we have remains of reefs of the scleractinian coral Lophelia pertusa. At two sites there are still live corals, although only small colonies, but on the other sites where we know there have been corals earlier there are now only dead coral rubble. 

The Lophelia corals need elevated and sediment free surfaces, and the larvae likes small crevices and complex surface textures to hide in when they settle. 

Within this project we develop artificial reefs, that through their surface composition and shape will facilitate larval settlement. The aim is also to design the reefs so that they can be mass produced, and to restore the habitat in the fjord at a scale with potential to make a true difference. 

If successful, this restoration could lead to an increase of fish and other fauna that thrive in the reef habitat.