Spawn to settling in lab

We have finished up another season of coral spawning (see video below) and experiments with larvae. The larvae have given us a hint on what

Analyses of settling panels

We have now started to retrieve some of the settling panels that now have been sitting on the sea floor for one and a half

Video about the project

A five minutes video introducing the project in English is now available on the webb, under Om projektet. The video was made to an online

The annual spawning event

Right now the corals spawn and release a lot of eggs and sperm in the aquaria at Tjärnö marine laboratory (see also news Coral factory

Deployment of test panels at Tisler reef

For testing the suitability of different substrate types and structures for larval settling we placed several test settling panels out at Tisler reef in Norway.

On track

Our test panel of larvae has explored two different substrates, a piece of coral skeleton and one piece of metallurgic slag. The slag is a