Analyses of settling panels

Collage av olika bilder med olika vita larver, maskar och mossdjur som lever i havet.
Pepparkakor med glasyr? Nej, olika sorters havslevande maskar och mossdjur på settlingpaneler.

We have now started to retrieve some of the settling panels that now have been sitting on the sea floor for one and a half years. The purpose of these panels is to see what species are available at the different restoration sites. Is there any reef associated fauna present? Are there perhaps even larvae of Lophelia pertusa present at all sites, or only at some? At these depths there are only animals, no algae, and we have found sessile calcareous polychaetes (Serpulidae), free-living polychaetes, and different species of bryozoans, amongst others. Many of the animals are not bigger than a grain of rice, and some a few centimeters. With all these white calcareous polychaetes, the panels look like gingerbread cookies with frosting. We can’t help but start longing for Christmas!